What are fine art school portraits?


Fine art school portraits are a modern, unique take on the traditional school portrait. Rather than themed or brightly colored backdrops, photographs will be simple, classic and timeless. Your child will be photographed with a black backdrop and encouraged to be themselves. I will provide a comfortable experience during the session that encourages your child to feel at ease and let their personality shine.

Samples of fine art school portraits can be found here:


How do I order?

With fine art school portraits, you will be able to view your child’s images prior to purchasing. Within two weeks of  photo day, you will receive an email notifying you that the gallery is ready to be viewed online. Each child will have a gallery including 2-5 images in both color and black and white. You will choose the photos you wish to purchase and print; digital downloads will also be an option. The prints and digital images will be available for purchase directly from the link. My goal of the ordering process is to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible. I will be available to answer questions via email about any complications that may arise. The gallery of your child’s photographs will be available for seven (7) days. You must order your child's photos during the seven (7) days that the gallery is live.  After the gallery is closed, I will only be able to offer digital downloads of images; no prints will be available for purchase after that point.

Once your order is placed and the gallery has closed, your prints will be sent to a professional photo lab to be printed and then delivered to the school within two weeks. If you order digital images, they will be available for download immediately from the ordering site.

What should my child wear?

To capture the classic, timeless feel of fine art school portraits, I encourage children to wear solid, neutral colors. I recommend avoiding any graphics or heavy patterns. Only clothing from the shoulders up will appear in the portraits.

Are siblings welcome?

Absolutely! Siblings are welcome for individual portraits as well as sibling portraits. I ask that you arrive during the 15-minute window prior to school photographs if you’d like to include a sibling.

What is the cost?


Collection A     $16.00    ( 2 ) 5x7, ( 4 ) wallets

Collection B     $22.00   ( 1 ) 8x10, ( 2 ) 5x7, ( 8 ) wallets

Collection C     $30.00   ( 1 ) 11x14, ( 2 ) 5x7, ( 8 ) wallets 

*Collections are for one image. May not combine images. 

Additional Prints: 

8 wallets         $8.00 

( 1 ) 5x7           $6.00 

( 2 ) 5x7          $10.00

( 1 ) 8x10         $8.00 

( 1 ) 11x14         $14.00 

Digital Files: 

Digital files are available for $20.00 per portrait or $50.00 for all images in the child's gallery. For children with siblings, all digital files can be purchased for $90.00. Digital files are available for immediate download and delivered via email from the gallery site.

*Please contact me if you are interested in sizes or special products not listed above.