Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for coming to Brittany's house for portraits; you all have such adorable, hilarious kiddos - seriously, they made my job as a photographer so much fun! 

To view your child's portrait gallery, click on the button below. Once you click "open gallery" it will prompt you to enter your email. Your email will not be used for any other purpose than for these portraits. You can order prints and digital files directly from the gallery. Each child has a minimum of three images in color and black & white - some children have more. I respect each child's unique personality and while some were eager to give me various expressions, some were not. My goal is always to capture your child's authentic, genuine expressions for school portraits. 

To purchase an individual image while viewing your child's album, hover over the image and a shopping cart icon will appear on the bottom right. This will bring up the screen for you to choose what to order - the different sizes of prints and packages are listed. At the top of the list, you will see two categories, "Prints" and "Digital Media". If you'd like to purchase digitals, click on the "Digital Media" tab. Please note: you can not combine images within a print collection, the collection packages are for one image only. 

To purchase all digital files, there is a "Buy All" option near the top right of your child's album home page. Click on that icon, and then the "Digital Media" tab. This will send you an email automatically, from my site, with all files in your child's album for download. If you have two or more children and purchase all of the digital files, please select the "MULTIPLE CHILDREN" option that is listed under digital media. 


Other than digital files, print orders will not be available after this date. All print orders will be sent to the lab after the gallery closes and delivered to Jessica's house within one week. 

Please direct all questions regarding portraits to me. You can reach me via email at reesejj@me.com. 



Thank you so much; it was such a fun and positive experience!  Also, please feel free to browse my site for example galleries of family sessions, fine art school portraits, special occasions and more. 

If you think your child's school or childcare center may be interested in fine art school portraits, I offer a free mini family session as a referral bonus once the school books! Please refer the school to my Fine Art School Portraits page on my website. Thank you!